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Training Videos

HIPAA – What you don’t know can hurt you
Cell Phones and Unsecured WiFi
Passwords, Conversations & Paper
Snooping, Phishing and Destruction of Paper PHI

Training Documents

Getting Started
Step-By-Step Guide
Initial Work Plan
Glossary of Common HIPAA Terms

Forms & Templates
Privacy Policies and Procedures
Security Policies
Accounting of Disclosures of Protected Health Information
Amendment Denial Letter
Health Plan Restriction Request
HIPAA Training Acknowledgement
System Access Revocation Procedure
Privacy or Security Event Reporting Form
Letter for Misdirected Fax
Facsimile Cover Sheet
E-mail Authorization Agreement
Consent for Photography
Visiting Clinician and Healthcare Professional Confidentiality Agreement
Confidentiality-Security Acknowledgement
IT Security Incident Reporting Form
Request for Amendment of Health Information
Request for Confidential Communications Regarding Medical Information
Notice of Privacy Practices
Acknowledgement of Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices
Authorization to Release Information
Request for Accounting of Disclosures
Revocation of Authorization to Release Protected Health Information
Non-Retaliation Clause
Privacy Officer Job Description
Password Policy
Sample HIPAA Breach Notification Letter
Notice Regarding Continuing HIPAA Obligation
Certificate of Destruction
Remote Access Policy
Internet and Email Usage Policy
Permission to Release Information Including Photographs, Videos, Electronic or Other Media
System Access and Control Policy
Notice of Privacy Practices Policy
Consent for Transmission of Protected Health Information by Non-Secure Means
PHI in Transit Policy

Business Associates
Business Associate Agreement – 2018
Business Associate Cover Letter
Business Associate Security Assessment
Business Associate Decision Tree

Audit Forms and Checklists
Authorizations Audit Checklist
Voluntary Mental Health Authorization List of Required Elements
Right to Access Audit Checklist
Iowa Laws Requiring Greater Protections Audit Checklist
HIPAA Breach Notification Checklist of Required Elements
HIPAA Authorization Checklist of Required Elements
Breach Notification Audit Checklist
HIPAA Audit Walk Through Template
Request for Release of Information Checklist
HIPAA Walkthrough Checklist 2nd Generation Template

Risk Assessment
Privacy Risk Assessment Statement to Interviewees
Breach Notification Risk Assessment Tool
Privacy Risk Assessment Questions
Breach Notification Decision Tree

How-to Library
Notice of Privacy Practices
Minimum Necessary Standard
Is this a reportable breach
How to Property Handle Breach Notification and Reporting
Conducting a Security Risk Assessment
Who is my Business Associate
When an Authorization is and isn’t Required
What constitutes Protected Health Information
Explaining HIPAA to Individuals Served
How to Conduct a Privacy Risk Assessment
How to Conduct a Privacy Program Gap Analysis
How to Recognize a Phishing Attack
Responding to Subpoenas and Search Warrants
Is Cloud Storage HIPAA Compliant?

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