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By providing everything you need to build and maintain an effective HIPAA program CP-HIPAASolutions takes the guess work out of HIPAA compliance. Tap into our growing library which includes:

  • Step-by-step Guide on how to build a HIPAA program with Initial Work Plan
  • Access to dozens of policies, tools, templates and checklists specifically crafted for community providers and designed to keep the HIPAA program vibrant
  • Access to “How To” library – short video presentations on topics every provider faces such as determining who is a business associate, breach reporting, conducting risk assessments and much more. New modules are added to the library on a regular basis.
  • Members only quarterly webinars on HIPAA hot topics, recent enforcement actions and member driven topics.
  • Members receive an invitation to the annual HIPAA Forum, a daylong event featuring industry speakers and networking opportunities.

CP-HIPAASolutions is tailored exclusively for the unique needs of community providers